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an alternative to talk

therapy that works


Noemi, Spain

"Helena helped me connect with my inner self, my creative side and my sensitive side. She gave me the space to explore and follow my intuition."

harry, germany

 "In my sessions with Helena I felt her full attention, deep compassion, very high commitment and dedication to her work."


Aylssa, USA

"In my session with Helena I was able to find love and acceptance for undiscovered part of myself in such a playful way. She is so present, inquisitive and supporting. I recommend Helena to anyone craving inner child healing." 

Rosy, belgium

"My experience with Helena was magic. Her voice is like an angel. Doing expressive arts therapy was very surprising and fun!


Rewild your inner-world


expressive arts therapy


hear your own voice

write what's inside  

play with paint
move with soul

... what lies ahead?

Hello there. 

I'm Helena. Welcome.

What magic we've found one another. 

I work as an expressive arts therapist in training with people like you, on the journey of self-exploration and expansion. I help people reconnect with the wild within. 
Expressive arts therapy is an alternative approach to therapy that uses the creative arts to restore curiosity and acceptance to all aspects of your being. This kind of therapy recognises the process of art-making, imagination and play as medicine for the soul. 

We so easily get lost in thoughts. Many of us repeat old and worn-out stories that keep us living in contracted states of negativity and pain. Expressive arts therapy is a path to realizing, "I am not my thoughts! I am so much more." 

Sound interesting? I offer a free 60 minute consultation session to give you a taste of this way of working and to feel out if we are a good fit for one another.

Expressive Arts & Yoga Retreat Torrelles de Foix, Catalonia with Helena Fierle from Onaflo

the approach

In this approach we practice continually moving from the thinking mind into the sensing body to connect with and embrace our feelings as they are, unstoried.

Additional tools I share in this work include mindfulness & meditation techniques, rebalancing of yin & yang energies as understood through tantric yoga philosophy and Compassionate Inquiry from Gabor Mate. 

What happens in each session is up to you. Each session is a reflection of your personal history, interests and longings. 

who I work with

  • anyone longing for inner-peace & reconnection with their unique spirit & personal truth 


  • people facing emotional overwhelm, feelings of being stuck, anxiety & depression ​​​

  • ​people going through a period of transition, looking to release the old and carve a new path that ignites true passion and joy​


  • people going through a break-up or wanting to leave a relationship that no longer supports them

  • anyone who struggles being alone and wants to feel more empowered to be on their own​

  • children and teens navigating growth and identity challenges


"You are the expert on you"
"This is a space of non-judgement"
"All parts of you are welcome"
"Art is medicine"
"Art is within us and everywhere"
"Play is healing!"

guiding principles


why me?

I am certified as an advanced expressive arts therapist facilitator and work with clients as a therapist in training. I have over seven years of experience as a yoga instructor.

I have done the work in therapy myself. I continue to investigate who I am and show up for my practice so I can be there wholeheartedly for you. I too, am on the journey beside you. 

I represent the growing field of expressive arts therapists working to integrate alternative approaches to mental health into mainstream therapeutic practices. 

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60 or 90 minutes session
available in person in Berlin or online


If money is stoping you from working with me
ask about sliding scale pricing option 



photo Creds: @marlinjai

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