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           1. a tangible or visible form of an idea, quality or feeling.


         synonyms: expression, manifestation,symbol, avatar 

In a creative and healing environment you will have the opportunity to work with art and movement as tools for personal exploration of your inner-wilderness. 


As a small tribe of women, we support one another to share from our hearts and release from our bodies what has been waiting inside; waiting to be heard, waiting to be seen.


Practices of this course are drawn from the field of expressive art therapy. 

One of our missions is to have FUN! Fun is important. 

We will meet 6 times over the period of two months. In each session we will focus on a certain aspect of embodiment. 


Invest in Yourself. Come to play. Come to breathe yourself alive. Come to create from your own source.

Courses are ongoing. Contact me for upcoming course info.