6 - week explorative self-expression course

6 Weeks 

6 Sessions

90 - 120 minutes 

Interested in going deeper into your own practice of self-expression? Maybe there are parts of yourself you want to bring more clearly into focus. Name what is important for you.


What do you feel called to explore? ... self-worth, understanding your relationship with purpose, relationship with your family, finding ways to feel more relaxed, letting go of the past, feeling at peace with being alone, understanding anxiety, fear, self-love, trauma, addiction. Your focus can be anything. What is calling you?


A "practice" is anything that allows you to delve deeper into yourself. This can be yoga, dance, art, meditation; what melts you into the moment? A moment when time fades and there you are... flying free and alive. 


In a healing setting, I will support you in building a practice just for you.


Based on your intentions, your desires, your body.


I will support you in exploring yourself through mindful movement, music and deep soulful meditation. This is creative therapy. This is healing. This is diving in heart first. This is you.



-Berlin, Germany

"At every moment I felt..."

    At every moment I felt that it was important for Helena to create a good experience for me. Full attention, deep compassion and very high commitment and dedication characterise her work. 

      I can warmly recommend working with Helena to everyone! She gave me the feeling that our sessions together were not just her "work", but that they were accompanied by the tones of friendship and solidarity. Thank you Helena!

(original quote)


An jedem Zeitpunkt spürte ich, dass es Helena wichtig war, eine gute Erfahrung für mich zu schaffen.Volle Aufmerksamkeit, tiefes Mitgefühl und sehr hoher Einsatz und Commitment zeichnen ihre Arbeit aus. 

      Ich kann jedem die Arbeit mit Helena wärmstens empfehlen! Sie gab mir das Gefühl, dass unsere gemeinsamen Sessions nicht nur einfach ihre "Arbeit" seien, sondern vielmehr waren sie zusätzlich begleitet von den Tönen von Freundschaft und Verbundenheit. Vielen Dank dafür!!