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“I’m having trouble sleeping, at night my mind floods with racing thoughts”

“I want to stop people pleasing."

“Anxiety is interfering with my ability to enjoy life and try new things”

you notice your self-esteem affecting...

the closeness of your relationships
your confidence to try new things
you taking the steps to quit your job and do something that actually brings you joy
being productive and feeling good about yourself

It doesn't have to be so hard...

Falling into the same patterns of negative self-talk, you are feeling exhausted! You want to live more fully at ease and in peace. You want to accept your talents and potential. You want to follow what you want and stop people pleasing.

I'm Helena and I get the pain of struggling with self-esteem and feeling stuck in your head.

Helena Fierle, Experiential and Somatic Therapist

I offer in-person therapy sessions in Barcelona and online sessions

I use a holistic body-centered approach to therapy that engages you to build confidence, discover and implement solutions to life challenges in an effective and creative way.   

Therapeautic techniques I use include Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS), Somatic Therapy, Expressive Arts Therapy, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and Polyvagal Theory Trauma Informed Work. 

Therapy for Adults, Adolescents & Children 7+

B.A, M.A Expressive Arts Therapy (in process), Certified Yoga Teacher, Nonviolence and Peace Reconciliation Trainer, Compassionate Inquiry Certification (Gabor Mate Method)

You're curious about trying a kind of therapy that doesn't just focus on the mind

You're interested in exploring yourself in a creative way

You want change and you're ready to do the work


I could be the right therapist for you if...

Let's be honest though... I'm not the therapist for everyone. Especially if...

You dislike being creative

You face severe mental health issues that require a different professional 

You're not that invested and you don't want to dedicate the time and finances


So, what does working with me feel like?

We use what works for you

Whether you're curious about writing down your thoughts, going inward and feeling your body, releasing feelings through drawing, or creating a collage of your future life, we will find the tools that light you up and work for you. 

You'll witness your self-esteem grow.
Say goodbye to starting your day with a flood of negative self-talk and lying sleepless at night as you overthink your day. Watch as you learn to surrender to who you are and embrace your imperfections. 

Therapy with me is active and enjoyable.
Together, we'll explore body, mind, and soul in a space where creativity knows no bounds. Expect sessions filled with excitement and discovery.

Get back to being creative and doing what you love.
It's so common to spend our free time scrolling through your phone, watching netflix and starring into space. As you respark your creativity, you will find your more drawn to spend your free time diving into your hobbies and doing what feels good and engages your soul. 

How much does it cost?

Individual Session  50 minutes / 80€     
Individual Session   90 Minutes / 120€         

Book Your First Session

How did I realise my calling was being a therapist?

I've always had a passion for contributing to a better world. One impactful way of achieving this is by delving into the inner world. As my clients nurture their own well-being, they radiate that sense of peace into the world around them.
Experiential and Somatic therapies empower my clients with the flexibility to engage in various modalities—such as dance, writing, painting, and psychodrama—tailored to their individual concerns and aspirations.
The efficacy of experiential and body-based therapies in offering fresh perspectives and solutions to clients continues to captivate me.
Serving as a trailblazer for alternative approaches to therapy, I derive immense joy from guiding others in discovering this cutting-edge and expanding field.

Happy Girl


"Helena helped me connect with my inner self, my creative side and my sensitive side. She gave me the space to explore and follow my intuition."

 "In my sessions with Helena I felt her full attention, deep compassion, very high commitment and dedication to her work."

"In my session with Helena I was able to find love and acceptance for undiscovered part of myself in such a playful way. She is so present, inquisitive and supporting. I recommend Helena to anyone craving inner child healing." 

Helena was great! In the first session she explained her approach and asked for relevant supporting context.

"My experience with Helena was magic. Her voice is like an angel. Doing expressive arts therapy was very surprising and fun!

"It was a great first session, Helena was very kind to listen to me and ask me questions that help me reflect."

"Helena was very empathetic and kind. As it was my first session, she asked me several questions and got to know me a bit. I felt heard and safe. It was easy to book the appointment."

I felt really comfortable in my first session with Helena. I think her holistic approach is gonna be a good fit for me and I'm excited to try out all the different modalities she offers.

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