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Ecstatic yoga


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slow flow


PRIVATE CLASS          60-90min             65€

at home or in studio


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Ecstatic Yoga 

All levels 

Ecstatic Yoga is inspired by Ecstatic Dance, the freedom of moving your body the way you feel. In this class we will play with breath, color, and music. Using ancient yoga philosophy and creative healing techniques - we will dive deep to find the quiet of our minds and home of our bodies. 

My classes are based in Berlin.

Online options available from wherever you are. 

We will be back in the studio together one day!

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Helena received her yoga teacher training at the Tantra Yoga School, Durga's Tiger School

Tantra Yoga, Arts and shamanism training

200hr 2019    quito, Ecudaor

200hr 2020   Berlin, Germany

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Helena has applied her skills as a spiritual teacher and creative healer in her experience working in alternative therapeutic and learning centers, such as;


Institute for Holistic Learning, NY, USA


Pure Life

Adventure Therapy Program, Costa Rica

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Helena is currently completing her M.A in Expressive Arts Therapy 

Expressive Arts Institute in Berlin

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