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My story...

Dear Reader, 

We all have a story... and here is mine... well a part of the story.  I began (this lifetime) in the mountains of North Carolina. Held by the ancient wisdom of the Appalachians I found myself being... me...'cause that all we can ever really be... oder? The practice of yoga first touched my body at the donation-based community center, Asheville Community Yoga. Hot Vinyasa was my thing. In a sweaty room full of dripping hippies, I learned to laugh at myself in downward dog and turn to my neighbour on the mat and say "Hey! I love you!". As a thirteen year old, full of anxiety and the sudden entrance of hormones into my growing body... yoga was my safe space.

I will never forget the words of one of my first teachers, "Practice life in your yoga, and yoga in your life." For me this practice is not about touching your toes or acting all zen or connecting with bliss... though it can be part of it. For me, it's about becoming aware of the unhelpful bullshit the mind gets so easily caught in and coming back to the wisdom of the body. Practicing that. On and off the mat. YOU are your greatest teacher. It is time to start believing in your own inner-knowing. You know what YOU NEED. You know what YOU desire most. Follow that. I am just a guide. Here to support you to get back to that place where you realize you don't have to get anywhere... May this practice melt into your wholeness forth the natural flow of gratitude for the light AND the dark. Cheers to that!  

I completed my first teacher training back in 2019 with Durga's Tiger School on the Ilalo volcano...what a trip. Here I discovered the path of Tantra... the path I walk, the path that has always walked me. 

I am currently in the soul-deep and life-shifting process of "becoming" an expressive arts therapist... who I want to be...who I have always been. I work with the Expressive Arts Institute Berlin.... here I learn tools to unravel my own aching heart... A heart so strong and so wise. A heart that is changing the world... my world.  One breath at a time. 

I am so pumped to have the opportunity to share these tools with you and walk this path together.  

It is only the beginning. 

With gratitude a whole lotta love,
Onaflow aka me, Helena 


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